Have you ever observed the effects of ageing alcohol in an oak cask other than Cognac?

It is now possible at the Mary Lili, the first Cocktail Bar in La Rochelle. Develop your cocktail recipe with our mixologist, and go home with your personalized cocktail cask to age (available in 5, 10, 15 or 20 liter sizes).

You also have the possibility to let it age in the bar, in the best conditions. You will then be able to come and enjoy your unique cocktail with your friends, at its different stages of aging, during your different evenings at our place.

At any time (allow 1 week delay), leave with your aged cocktail bottles, which you can keep for as long as you wish, and your (empty) cask with your name on it to reproduce the experience at home... or leave it at the bar and set off on a new adventure.

In both cases, take advantage of the "Cask Finishing" effect.

Wait, I see you coming ... what's in it for you? Well I'll tell you! Ageing in oak barrels, which is widespread in the wine world, helps to orient the final result by giving it characteristic notes, particularly of wood and vanilla. It will also have an effect on the character of a cocktail by giving it a rounder character. It is with age that wisdom comes, isn't it said? Later cask passages will give a more subtle result, with a more nuanced woodiness.

The Mary Lili team - Information sheet

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